December 14th, 2003

the only earth?


If I never see that footage of the guy picking through Saddam Hussein's hair and inspecting his mouth, it will be too soon. Still, the Saddam Story broke too late for the print edition of the New York Times (is Monday morning more strategic?), but I did learn some things by reading the paper.

Evidently, that strange MSU basketball game on a football field set a basketball record with 78,129 spectators. Check the article for a picture of the court, which was brought to Ford Field from East Lansing.

In other news, longest-serving senator and former Dixiecrat presidential candidate Strom ("on the question of social intermingling of the races, our people draw the line") Thurmond engaged in an interracial affair that produced a daughter, Essie Mae Washington-Williams.

Finally, PowerPoint makes you dumb.