December 11th, 2003


beet juice looks like blood

Walked to work and stopped at Bauhaus to read since the coffee and views are better than at my office. I didn't get much done though. They were playing bad music. At the end, it was U2, which isn't necessarily bad, just not good for reading about statistics.

The afternoon was for meetings and trying to get my iBook to connect to the not exactly network printer. I tried bringing a USB cable, but it was too short and didn't seem to allow me to print double sided, which is the whole point.

On the way home, I went to Fred Meyer. It was really a strange experience, because I didn't realize how much of the store there was in the Broadway Market.

When I got back to the apartment, it was time to go upstairs to Chris's apartment for a juice party. She had just bought a juicer and had people over to turn their fruits and vegetables into liquid form. Many tasty (and some not so tasty) beverages were prepared while fruit and vegetable movies played: Veggie Tales,1 What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

(1) Jonah as an asparagus? vegetables playing cards without hands? pirates?
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osha obsession

A. Birch Steen responds to his column being auctioned to the highest bidder:
No doubt, said thickheaded powers that be (Tim Keck, Dan Savage, Bradley Steinbacher, et al.) assumed I would be angered and/or offended by such a "prank" on their part. The joke is on them, however, for not only am I not angered and/or offended, I am, in fact, delighted! [stranger]

Alas. the current bid of $76 doesn't fit into my current budget.
chair, apartment

drink to stay warm

I slept in, looked at the internet, and had miso soup for breakfast/lunch. By that time, it seemed really difficult to motivate myself to go to the office. Instead, I decided that going to Victrola made more sense. Better to have caffeine and the potential for catching up with email and reading than sitting on the couch watching Tucker Carlson and Margaret Carlson "debating" on CNN.

For the most part, this strategy worked. The caramel latte improved my wakefulness, but not my attention span. Moving and deleting email messages is a weird form of satisfaction achievement.

After a while, I left and went to Sonic Boom to buy the Unicorns CD that someone recommended when I told them that I was having a Microphones day. I don't really think that the comparison was completely valid. I think it will take another listen before I should be too judgemental.

Soon I'll be going to hear Jonathan Goldstein at Zeitgeist. It's another part of the Seattle nextbook series. Again, no tickets so who knows?
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