December 7th, 2003

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another multi-day post

We had a trainee "brown bag" lunch, which was especially pointless since I didn't even bring food. But, it's one of the very few obligations for this program which pays the bills; so no complaints.

Except that going to the lunch made me late for the techfee meeting. This year, we 94 proposals. Winter quarter should be interesting.

I spent a couple hours working on homework before heading to Big Time for our happy hour. Turnout was decent. Someone even brought a faculty member!

After the happy hour, Carole, Jeff, & I went to Tim's big winter art sale. We only stayed for a little bit (long enough to broker long-distance purse sales & eat cakelets) before Carole & I had to leave to see the extended Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring at Cinerama. I bought too many tickets, and didn't know that they could be returned. Instead, I "sold" a couple to someone in line for his free passes to AMC.

The movie was really long. But, good too. I'd only seen it a couple of times; so it was fun to see it again on a giant screen. I continue to be impressed with the quality of the series. There are lots of really great sequences and character moments and stuff that I'd forgotten. I'm seeing Two Towers next week.

I walked downtown to catch a bus home after the movie was over. It was windy enough to make the rain nearly horizontal. After sitting for so long, walking in the not exactly cold rain felt surprisingly good.

After a really lazy morning, I went with Chris to Snowboard Connection to get my snowboard waxed. It's looks like this is going to be a good season, snow-wise. Now, I just need to find new clothes.

I left Chris to her errands and went home to watch the Capital Gang (yay! cable), and eat lunch. I felt like I needed to do more new apartment errands, so I reserved a flexcar to go to Target. On the way I ran into another car changing lanes at an intersection. The other car was fine, but the Flexcar sustained some cosmetic damage. I'm not looking forward to getting the bill for my part of the deductible.

Still, I soldiered on and picked up a few more things for the apartment. I checked out snowboard clothes at Olympic, but didn't decide on anything.

Carole & Jeff met me at my apartment. We had some wine and left for Chapel. When we got there, it was too full. By "too full", I mean full to the point the the doorman wasn't letting people inside. What?

So we went to the Cha Cha Lounge instead. Outside (and maybe inside too), were a crowd of 30+ people in Santa costumes. They were exiting when we were arriving, but from the card at our booth, I think they were promoting Jewsmas. Numerous rockstars were in attendance / working.

A few drinks later, and wanting to see what all the hype was about, we went back to Chapel and got in without too much delay. It was nice, we got a seat on the balcony. Though it doesn't look particularly funeral homeish, with the all in black sedate crowd, it felt that way.

Soon, Carole had met her alcohol limit and retreated to my couch. Jeff & I tried to go to Jade Pagoda for nutrition and one last drink, but they weren't serving food. We crossed the street to eat at taco bell. I have a vague recollection of seeing half of my seven-layer burrito fall to the floor and later eating the rest of it. I expect death. Actually, I'm surprised that I lasted this long.

Jeff & Carole ended up crashing at my apartment, but both of them independently departed in the middle of the night.

I dragged myself out of bed at a reasonable hour to go to breakfast at Still Life with the regular Sunday crowd. The rest of the afternoon has been consumed by catching up with my mom (& thanking her for the cookies by design) and doing laundry. Tonight I'm watching Angels In America on HBO (yay, 2! cable).
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your nyt mag link of the week

This is the first sunday in a while that I forgot to spend a few hours with the paper version of the New York Times. Though it's a little late to pick up a copy at the newsstand, the cover story of the magazine looks interesting, about the collectionof people involved with the Dean campaign:

Long before Howard Dean was considered a plausible candidate for president, he seemed to emit some sort of secret call that made people, many of them previously apolitical, drop everything and devote themselves to his campaign. ... The Dean headquarters feels different: a thin veneer of Official Adults barely hovers above a 24-hour hive of intense, mostly youthful devotion. When the adults leave, usually around 10 p.m., the aisles between cubicles are still cluttered with scooters and dogs; when they return in the morning, balancing just-microwaved cinnamon buns and coffee, they climb over pale legs poking out from beneath their desks and shoo sleeping volunteers off their office couches. [nyt]

Also mentioned: Bowling Alone, internet-based communities, Howard Dean Has A Posse, Howards for Howard, and much more!
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