December 4th, 2003

i am not a stuffed tiger.

things I don't remember

Tuesday - after working, I went to the Pink Door for Sarah's birthday. A trapeze artist was performing close to our table. She nearly swung into a candle. Her hair looked highly flammable. Dinner was excellent, though I didn't participate in the hot bath of anchovies or luxurious rabbit. Our server was clairvoyant, warning me of the chicken stock in the risotto and giving us the bathroom codes before we asked. After dinner, Dolce Vita was closed (it is winter) so we went to El Diabolito, which was not as authentic as it sounds. Nevertheless, it was decorated with numerous devil paintings, a love grotto, and had strange sayings on the walls (e.g., "illiteracy is the real sin").

Wednesday Yesterday. Major activities were revising a proposal before a meeting and the annual office holiday party. Our table won the gingerbread house decorating challenge by being unconventional and making a beach hut. Unfortunately, our prize was given to the judge as a last minute honorarium. Highlight #2 was scoring a "nostalgic" lava lamp for the student office during the white elephant gift exchange.

I went home and accidentally fell asleep during the NewsHour, but woke up in time to go to the Dean meetup. We watched a video from Howard Dean and spent a long boring (but useful?) time learning about the caucus on February 7.

Thursday I woke up early in case the cable/internet guy showed up at the beginning of my assigned four-hour time slot. Instead, he arrived a little before 10, causing me to miss the first half of class. I took a cab to get there on time only to find that the lecture was cut short by class evaluations. But the homework deadline is unofficially extended; so that's something.

Since I'm on campus, I guess I'll go work on this problem set over lunch at Solstice. Maybe I can get most of it finished before it's time to meet everyone for Art Walk.
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celebrity I SAW U . . . just gay enough?

Oh boy! It's that time again, the Strangercrombie Holiday Gift Catalog is available with lots of choice items!

Video of Kathleen Wilson Off Capitol Hill
This one-of-a-kind videotape features actual footage of ... Kathleen Wilson--known far and wide as an intractable Capitol Hill denizen--actually leaving Capitol Hill! Watch as Wilson gets in a cab outside her beloved Cha Cha Lounge for a ride to exotic Ballard, where she'll walk around for a full 15 minutes! [stranger]
[ bid (but only if you're willing to share with me! ]

That's just one of many choice options. If you're looking for a perfect gift for me, there's the "God of SIFF" (two full season passes). But my real dream gift is Serve as Stranger Obbudsman for a week and hang out at noontime with A. Birch Steen!:
Become The Stranger's official ombudsman for a week and air your grievances about our paper in our very own pages. As an added bonus, receive tips and guidance from our ombudsman A. Birch Steen himself over a drink!

A Critical Overview is consistently my favorite column in the Stranger; finding out that A. Birch Steen is a real person is very exciting. (though it's probably not a coincidence that it's an anagram for Steinbacher)
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