November 30th, 2003

chair, apartment

fly the whole mess into the sea

Yesterday, with Carole as my consultant I bought some furniture: a couch at Area 51, some chairs, a shelf, and a dresser at IKEA. The apartment is feeling less empty, but the kitchen and dining room are still in need of furnishings. I fell in love with a table for each room at Area 51, but I need to think about how much debt I want to get into just for pretty things.

After the death march through IKEA, loading, unloading, etc, Carole wasn't into seeing the Death Show at Luscious and I didn't want to go alone. So, we had dinner at a new [?] Ethiopian place on Olive called Queen Sheeba. Our food was great, but we were starving when we went in, reducing objectivity. We went back to the apartment and assembled some of the furniture before going to see 21 Grams.

Today, I assembled my dresser and moved the rest of my stuff.

Victrola1 is closing. I'm running out of laptop batteries. This has been a long weekend.


(1) With all of the computers here, it's weird that nobody appears on iChat's Rendezvous window. Maybe I don't understand.
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