November 23rd, 2003

chair, apartment

weekend in review, lowercase style

friday. techfee, and home, and downtown for a happy hour at rock bottom. and then to martha's house to play cards, but this turned into some people eating thai food and drinking various wines before going to a party in ballard where the theme was los angeles. without costumes, i pretended to be a producer of a reality show for which the others were the cast. at the party, i kept carrying food around and trying to give it to people. this wasn't particularly well-received. in fact, it led to ritz crackers being crushed in my shirt pocket (jeff). later, we made ourselves even less popular guests by having contests of trying to catch honey-roasted peanuts in our mouths. the cameras were absent. our group dwindled due to cat allergies (sarah & mark), tiredness (carole & rachel), and eventually we (jeff, martha, carolyn) retreated to close out moon temple.

saturday. sleep in. think about the stupidity of drinking. for me, it is all peer pressure / social conformity and not much direct or memorable enjoyment. on top of that, it inspires breakfasts of winchell's egg & cheese bagel sandwiches and chocolate & peanut covered donuts. i went for a haircut downtown and met carole for further entertainment. our goal was s.a.m. and along the way we were distracted by imitations of shopping and stops at cafes (le pichet and virginia inn). the baha to vancouver exhibit was sort of interesting, but was a little too heavy on the interpretation and motivational statements (the promise of utopia, commodification, etc. that apparently is characteristic of "the west", the edge of the country, blah). after downtown, i bussed to fremont to the asian wok to meet (al, malinda, geoff, rachel, tim, whitney, chris) for al's pre-birthday. the restauranteurs played prince throughout our dinner, which included a lazy susan. we went home for a spirited game of taboo. al's dream team won (luckily, i made the cut). later, i tried to ask a question about the spunkyland cats (are they drugged to stay on the platform?), but no one had ever seen or heard of the people with the trained cats who hang out downtown or on broadway soliciting donations for the cat shelter. so i had to explain it, describing the cats in winter costume and the guy dressed in cat costume and the poster of a flying cat. everyone seemed to think that i was making it up.

sunday. brunch breakfast at the still life cafe. home for a little bit. carole called to recruit me to see death cab for cutie. tickets were sold out, but livejournal came to the rescue. i went to solstice for the ticket handoff and have been half-working, half-reading the newspaper ever since.

what exactly happened to november?
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

gleanings from the nyt

keep your cellphone number, change your carrier. but should I stay with SprintPCS?
For Omar Wasow, . . . few things are as valuable as his cellphone number . . . So he and many other cellphone users have been eagerly awaiting tomorrow, when a federal policy takes effect allowing people to keep their existing phone numbers when changing cellphone providers in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas.[nyt]

("New Rules May Set Off a Cellphone Scramble", Lynnley Browning)


live longer, be thinner and hungrier, the joys of calorie restriction:
To say Mr. Sherman is on a diet is to say NASA's Voyager spacecraft, still twinkling at the far edge of our solar system, is on a Sunday drive.[nyt]

("Food for Holiday Thought: Eat Less, Live to 140?", David Houchman)
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