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November 21st, 2003


like gerry, it features two guys kissing

Feeling in the mood for high school violence and what the Stranger called "pure cinema," I saw Elephant [ reviews ] tonight. The linked reviews are definitely better than anything I'll write about it. So I'll just say that it was very pretty and had interesting time and audio sequencing. It wasn't anywhere as depressing or violent as it could have been. Actually, Van Sant de-glamorizes violence, which is a pretty incredible achievement in itself (the trailer is much more intense than the movie, due to condensation).

And it's square, not widescreen. At first, I didn't believe the people at the theater who said that it was intentional because it looked so strange on the screen, almost trapezoidal.


On the way home, I walked through Seattle Center. It felt like the end of the world, with holiday lights. It was really amazingly empty and kind of wonderful.