November 19th, 2003

chair, apartment

three days?

on monday our team almost won the pub quiz bingo. if we had known that hydrogen peroxide was first produced in 1818, we would've won the tiebreaker and been $50 richer. alas. this is what we get for not studying.

tuesday was standard and rainy. i had class, a techfee workshop, and watched a lovely curried lentil soup

today was an all day retreat for our research group. we went to a house by seward park. i won a starbucks card for being able to identify the most people from their favorite/least favorite book, word, sound, alternate career, desert island objects, and drawings of favorite animals. winning was pretty shocking.

it snowed today, but not in wallingford.

of course, more twin peaks watching on all of these days. at long last, we are on the final tape.
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