November 16th, 2003

chair, apartment

the owls are not what they seem

I slept in, watched a couple more Twin Peaks episodes, took a nap, hid in my room while Tim was watching Twin Peaks (he's still a few ahead), got dinner, and watched more episodes. I think that I would've gone crazy if I had to watch the series in real-time. Waiting a week for resolution between every episode must have been agonizing.

This afternoon, the light was amazing. The yellow leaves on the tree across the street were practically glowing.

It was good day for doing nothing.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

goodnight moon

It's time for bed, so I'm listening to NPR on the internet. I tend to favor All Things Considered for my bedtime tranquilizer. Now I find that my nighttime ritual will help my mating potential:

NPR is part of the mating ritual. For both the male and the female, listening to NPR sends a signal to a prospective mate: “Despite my current income, in a few years I will have a house in a neighborhood with good public schools, and I will drive a Volvo stationwagon.” [ask]

[ via Gawker ]
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sula nebouxii | the lesser of two weevils

Today's breakfast was at Val's because Mae's (not Maze or Maize) was too busy and it was cold and rainy outside. The food was o.k., and I wasn't seduced by the gyros poster. Our waitress had only 10% of her hearing in her left [?] ear due to a tragic violent bobby-pin incident with one of her nephews. Clearly, the answer is not to allow siblings to reproduce.

Back at home, I watched more Twin Peaks while waiting to meet up with Carole for Master & Commander: the Far Side of the World. We were originally going to see Elephant but even I wasn't up for it. Depressing arty movies seem better suited to mid-week escapes.

Master & Commander was highly entertaining. I could watch tall ships for hours, so maybe that played a part in my enjoyment. It also featured beautiful footage of the Galapagos -- blue footed boobies, swimming iguanas, flightless cormorant. Oh yes, naval battles, cool 19th century naval surgeries, a child amputee, string duets, the English Navy. Epic, and the speeches weren't even too corny. I couldn't ask for much more in a big holiday movie. I wish we'd seen it at the Cinerama.

After the movie, we had dinner at Ruby, I finished the Twin Peaks tape (David Duchovny in drag may be a shark jump), went to Tully's for a New York Times and chai cider. Now I'll try to read more of the paper before going to sleep.