November 15th, 2003


weird things, volume ?

+ unicyclist crossing the HUB lawn

+ older african-american [?] man crossing the Ave wearing Santa hat and waving an American flag

+ transvestite highway beggar with sign sponsored by 107.7 (the End)

+ six big kids riding tiny bikes down 45th

+ the bus going completely dark and quiet after falling off the wire


when reality is this fucked-up, who needs dreams?
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    almost a phone post

episode 8

(waking up early, sleeping in, techfee meeting)

After techfee, some of us took a tour of the digital audio workstation at Odegaard, which was really cool.

I came home, watched more Twin Peaks and went to Chris's house for pre-show dinner and drinking. We got dinner from Siam, my second thai meal of the day.

The Broken Social Scene / Stars show at the Crocodile was just O.K. I have no complaints about their music -- or their ability to fill the small stage with over a dozen [?] musicians. I think that I was a little tired, and found the crowd more and more annoying. People kept buying me Bud Light, and there were people there with too much perfume, and people talking and walking in and out. Chris and I stayed for most of the Broken Social Scene set, out-staying Adam, Hugh, and Lindsay. B.S.S. was still playing when we left.

I even took a cab home. I guess I should maximize my benefit by going to sleep now?
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