November 7th, 2003

the only earth?

what is a chimbley sweep?

Aside from going to class, work, and having a weird missing-the-bus repeatedly experience yesterday was fun.

I met Chris and her friend Adam in Pioneer Square for Art Walk. While looking at paintings of horrified people, we ran into her (/my future) landlord who seems to know everyone. We made our way through a couple of the traditional galleries and past the (displaced) artists selling their work on the brick square to the Forgotten Works lofts. We ran into Geoff, Malinda, and Al in the room with flipbooks and dancers against the wall, but they were not in a synchronized orbit.

When we finished circulating through the lofts, we rendezvoused with the full group plus Rachel and Carole at Mitchelli's. They were in the midst of a garlic festival, but we avoided the featured items (including garlic ice cream).

After dinner, we went back to see the All Girls Cabaret. The theme was "the 80s" complete with a dance-off, Cher impersonator, dramatic readings of songs like "Borderline" to a John Cusack photo, and a John Hughes quiz.

The final destination was the Crocodile, where Earlimart and the Decemberists were playing. We met up with Tim and sat at a big table by the door being occasionally assaulted by the cold outside air through most of Earlimart's set. Eventually, we went into the performance area and secured spots near the front. Unsurprisingly, the Decemberists were excellent. Highlights include: the pairing of "Grace Cathedral Hill" with "Los Angeles, I'm yours", occasional weird instruments (lap steel guitar? played with a beer bottle?) occasionally battling, the expected freak out ending. Apparently they just recorded a video for "The Soldiering Life", but I don't have MTV2 and haven't found it online. They were selling red trucker caps, but I resisted.