November 5th, 2003

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suspending disbelief

My reward for showing up to class early was that I had time to get oatmeal for breakfast, but it wasn't actually that good. Snce I never changed my address, I stopped at Terry to vote after class. For the most part, I voted the Stranger ticket.

Kate, Carole, and I went to happy hour at Toi, which featured tasty $3 appetizers. When we'd had enough, we walked over to Cinerama to see the director's cut of Alien. I thought that I'd seen it before, but there were many parts that I didn't remember. I was really interested in the difference between the 1979 image of the future and the 2003 version. Watching older movies, I'm always amazed at the much slower pacing. I read that some of the pacing is actually faster in this version, but it still was noticeably slow in parts.

Much of the movie seems to exist for the sole purpose of arriving at particular images: glistening sweat, the cat and the alien, half-reflections, Sigorney Weaver taking off her clothes. The whole film really looked great on the giant screen and because of this, it's easy to forgive the occasionally spotty plot.
chair, apartment

everything is alright

Another first Wednesday, another stupid Dean meetup. I need to think of other ways to be involved, because I'm seriously underwhelmed by the meetups. A site coordinator didn't show up, so the old U-district hippies just went around talking about why they like Dean. I'm not being completely fair: a former state rep. explained the precinct process.

People seemed very enthusiastic about the campaign in general and about opting out of federal matching funds. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's probably a necessary evil, but that doesn't make it seem particularly appealing.
the only earth?

uncle sam vs. laptop pop

Apparently, the U.S. Postal service is trying to make the Postal Service change its name. This is the only thing that I've been able to find about the rumor is this piece from Pitchfork's Daily Music News:

Tamborello notes: ". . . actually, the U.S. Postal Service sent us a cease-and-desist letter. We're talking to them right now, it's not figured out yet. So all these remixes I've had to do under different names."

Ridiculous! I'm sure if it were up to Ashcroft bands like the Dead Kennedys, Bush, Anthrax, the Presidents Of The United States Of America, and classic '80s indie outlet I.R.S. would have to pack it up, too. It just goes to illustrate the misplaced priorities of this administration. I mean, if the federal government sends any band a cease-and-desist letter this year, it should be Staind! [pitchfork]

suggested new name: I-5 Corduroy