November 3rd, 2003


i like my neighborhood / i like my gun

I tried to sleep in this morning, but the dog had other ideas. Not that she needed to go out or that no one else was awake, just for sport. Since I wasn't sleeping, I hastily threw on some clothes and my contacts and went to brunch at Louisa's.

Eventually, it was time to go to the Crocodile for the (second to the) last Carissa's Wierd show ever. I met Kate & Carole there and we heard a little of the Six Parts Seven, I ate macaroni and cheese, and then we listened to the band. It was a really good last show, and the circumstances made their usually sad songs seem a little sadder. I hope their new projects are as good as Carissa's Wierd, but I don't know if that's possible.

After the show (which was early, all ages), we went to Luscious for more musical amazement. So, Luscious is a third story loft in Pioneer Square and when we get there it's not yet very full of people sitting on the wood floor and some are selling beer from a plastic tub. We look around and stake out some floor real estate to wait for the bands. First are the Mools, from Japan. The lead singer/guitarist takes off his shoes before playing and does lots of screaming and bouncing around and singing in Japanese and not really speaking English at all. He tries, directing us to buy their merch and I think that pretty much everyone is charmed.

After they play a small Japanese woman, Nikaidoh Kazumi, takes the stage with her guitar. She starts playing and making strangeish animal noises and for ten seconds we start to wonder what the hell is going on. But the ten seconds pass and her voice is beautiful like some fantastic instrument. She, too, says a few phrases in English and we are in love with her.

Xiu Xiu is next with his laptop-harmonium but without the miniature guitar (which has been replaced with a standard electric guitar with flair all over the strap). By "Xiu Xiu" I mean "Jamie Stewart". I don't know what to think of Xiu Xiu. It is definitely a spectacle, and seems really honest and intense.

Then we have "Mount Eerie" which is theoretically different from "The Microphones" and consists of Phil Elvrum and the Mools with special guest Nikaidoh Kazumi. Phil Elvrum is playing the steel drum and is occasionally bouncing around like crazy. Somehow he communicates with the rest of the band. He stops for a bathroom break and takes questions from the audience. By the end, his socks are removed and he's playing the guitar and leading us in a sing-along. It was all very magical. By "it" I mean "Phil Elvrum".

While you may be saddened to have missed this show, you will have another chance -- mark your calendars: the Mount Eerie tour ends on November 29 at Luscious for the last ever Slender Means Society production.
drinking in the dark

the un-recap of the weekend

the halloween pictures

(captions maybe later when I remember people's names)


Saturday: party #1 in Magnolia with overlapping social networks and mingling etc. party #2 in Capitol Hill packed full of people, music, and wonderful Sigfried & Roy photomanipulations. We ended upstairs in someone's room until we decided to go to another party but couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep in the car because suddenly we were going home instead of out.

Sunday: one party in Fremont which was quieter than the other two. By the time we went to the Cha Cha lounge 2/3 were in costume and I had already had far too much to drink.
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

wake up, pass out, fall down, comb your hair

I went to the office today and worked on writing a questionnaire. More like, worked on formatting a questionnaire that keeps getting longer and longer to suit everyone's potential pet interest for this pilot study of RNA expression. I do love to make tables in Word!

After work, I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday since the things that I sent him in the mail will be late. This is because I sort of forgot that November 3 is pretty close to October 31. Calendars are tricky like that.

With six people (Rachel, Elena, Charles, Jon, Kate, and I), we were much more promising at the Irish Emigrant pub quiz. To clarify, we were competitive in the "B" division, which is a nice thing that they do to let teams that don't know much still have a chance to win.
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