October 26th, 2003

chair, apartment

r.i.p. | daylight savings time

At a cafe this morning, a guy sat down in the only section with direct sunlight and drew the shade. Even though it's corporate coffee, Tully's always seems to improve the look of a neighborhood.

The mailman only took one of the items that needed to be sent. Is the going rate still 37 cents for first class mail?

I wandered around Capitol Hill looking for Halloween inspiration. Rather, looking for a black suit so that I can be a Kill Bill ninja assassin. The only thing that I found was too big, but now I'm thinking that I should've settled for an imperfect fit. Whatever. It's not as if I like any holidays with expectations.

On the way to a townhouse warming party, Carole and I found a bottle of wine in the shape of a cat. It's a Riesling called Happy Cat (I think?). For the party, we brought another bottle; so the verdict is still out on the theme wine. The party itself, in Fremont, was fun, with the requisite wine, cheese, bread, and dessert products. Small circles of people from our department formed, coalesced, and retreated to a small balcony.

Stella, at an overcrowded Graceland, was not overwhelmingly brilliant. More than a few members of the crowd were more enthusiastic about audience participation than was even marginally necessary.The guys were funny, but in a seemingly (but not actually) unstructured set with a bit of a weird fixation on the gay sex (and Weird Al). I don't know, to me, stand-up comedy always seems a little weird in theory.
chair, apartment

yet I am tired.

I missed the free hour of daylight by sleeping. Which is probably what I'll do with each unsaved hour from now until April.

Despite my complaint about the shifting time, the weather today was nice enough to inspire me to take the hound for a walk. Going downhill, it seems like a good idea to walk from the house to Gasworks (where the Graffiti has been removed from the works). The way back, however, is another matter. All uphill. So the dog was really tired by the time we got home.

Later, I went to see the inside of the potential new apartment. The new tentative plan is to move at the end of November. I still have to run that by the landlord, but I think it will be O.K since he's insanely laid back.

I did a little more thrift store browsing for halloween. If I can't find anything better, I think that I'll just try to find as many cliche hipster artifacts as possible and wear them at the same time. This plan has the added benefit of me buying items that could potentially be reused.

I got home just as Al, Malinda, Geoff, Rachel, and Argos (Rachel's dog) were arriving from the Pumpkin farm. Al cooked dinner, which was great since I had pretty much not planned on eating anything. The two dogs were incredibly cute together. We tried to set up an official dogfight, but it didn't really develop.
i am not a stuffed tiger.


This, from the New York Times Style section:
"SOME hold that you can't be too thin. But come on — that's thinking small. The truth is, you can't be too flat." [nyt]

Then again, didn't we already know that?