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October 23rd, 2003

chair, apartment

nothing & something

I've felt pretty consumed with homework and meetings for the past two days. Even after working on this homework assignment all afternoon, it didn't really turn out very well. Again, I felt guilty about doing it at the last minute and not typing it. The thought of having to put in all of the equations with Equation Edition was just too much.

In other news:
+ Stella (key members from The State) will be at Graceland on Saturday.

+ The soup at Solstice is good food.

+ I didn't have the patience to tell if Second Hand Stories was any good.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

nifty enough for its own post

wow (x2):
"Starting today, you can find books at Amazon.com based on every word inside them . . . " [ f.a.q. ]. Wired magazine published the story online before the print version of the magazine was released.