October 17th, 2003



The early Cursive show is sold out and I don't have the required skills to get in without a ticket. If only Frankie Chan was my friendster!

Now that I wasted the time walking back to Graceland after a somewhat well-attended happy hour at Rock Bottom, it seems really stupid to catch a bus to Wallingford just to drop off my bag before returning to the Showbox to see Grandaddy.

Instead, I've sort of decided to hang out at my office (which is a block from the Graceland) for an hour. Good times!
the only earth?


People who say that friendster is pointless haven't ever needed to kill an hour in an empty office. Yet for all of its wonderfulness and time eating magic, it leaves me desperate to add more friendsters, half-jealous of the people who are connected to millions instead of hundreds of thousands.

I don't know what I'll do if "harlem tiger" doesn't add me back.