October 14th, 2003

chair, apartment

nothing to say, really

I went to class today, and then spent the afternoon doing homework. This is what I learned about auditing: you still need to do some work. Because of all of the equations, it seemed like a good idea to write instead of type.

This was much more frustrating and time-consuming than I predicted.

When I got home, with dinner, the television was occupied with a DVD so I missed all of the horrible activity of the Cubs game. Now it's almost over.


Just as I'm thinking about signing a lease for a place in Capitol Hill, I find out that the area might be "inheriting [an] alcohol problem" from Pioneer Square.

Alas, the city is planning on expanding the "Alcohol Impact Areas" from Pioneer Square to include Capitol Hill and the University District:
Along with banning certain types of cheap beer and wine with high alcohol levels, such as Thunderbird and Night Train Express, the sale of beer in single cans or bottles is prohibited in designated areas.

There's still time to get your Mickey's, King Cobra, or Olde English. The first hearings on the new A.I.A.s isn't until December 4.