October 13th, 2003

chair, apartment

oh look, I forgot to type in my livejournal yesterday

Brunch in Fremont with Chris at the Still Life. It is pretty much the Louisa's of Fremont. Or Louisa's is the Still Life of Eastlake. They were playing the new Death Cab for Cutie and the new Belle & Sebastian [a.k.a. "A Band for Laura Bush to Love" ] Along with the good breakfast food and conversation, I was able to secure an application for an apartment.

The fun didn't stop there: after brunch, I went to the Sunday market while I talked to my mom on the phone. I found a pair of avocado Samsonite Saturn suitcases, which I bought for no apparent reason. The price and color were factors.

Other activities meriting less detail: p.c.c., sonic boom, televised baseball, al's family visiting.

simplified format: meetings about the pilot study, calls to human subjects, creation of the table15 shared journal, food at all the wrong times, happy hour promotion, and even more baseball.

Tournaments are so conducive to being a sports fan: no commitment or patience required. It is kind of like cheating, but why waste an entire season watching losers?
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