October 12th, 2003

chair, apartment

the last update was two days ago, right?

friday | extended morning
because I had an afternoon techfee meeting, I stayed at home in the morning, and spent the afternoon in the U-District with lunch at thai tom (which I ended up finishing on the way to the HUB. walking and eating from a takeout container with chop sticks is kind of fun.) and studying at solstice later. I also had to change my only autumn class to "audit" since I don't want to do any of the homework or assignments.

Coordinated by email and text messages: I met Carole at Pacific Place to see Mystic River. My official judgment: the movie is very very good. Not my favorite movie ever good, but you know what I mean. Everything about it worked to create a story of inevitablity and violence. The acting is a gift. [ universal acclaim ]

Some people were doing market research about the movie with yellow forms and short pencils. One of the questions was: list your favorite scenes. All that I could think to write was "the water". Because do you really have a favorite scene when so many bad things happen? I don't know.

We had planned to go to the Stranger's Genius Awards party, but realized that after eating, we were tired and didn't really know were Consolidated Works was located.

saturday | i am not a crook

I walked outside in the rain just to get out of the house and to get food.

Afternoon with the red sox with sleeping bag on the couch. God. Will we be able to forget the images of Martinez throwing Zimmer to the ground by his metal-plated head [ story with video links ]?

After the game, more rain and Damian's birthday in Redmond. Rachel and I arrived late and departed early to get to the big Mafia event at Steve's loft in the International District. I like the game and think it's fun, but am a horrible liar. Or at least, I'm intensely bad at being the mafia. or generally in figuring out who is guilty. I see clues, but misinterpret them.
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i am not a stuffed tiger.


tonight, with the window open and the cool breeze and the actuality of autumn outside, that impulse decision to buy a down quilt seems like genius.
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