October 7th, 2003

i am not a stuffed tiger.

perfect timing

I finished reading The Fortress of Solitude last week, and this week, it's the topic of discussion on Slate's book club. I think that these ongoing dialogs are about the best thing about Slate.

I really liked the book, perhaps due to all of the "added context" from Aaron on this September's NYC trip. I don't even really want to have kids, but I want them to grow up in the city. That's probably an insanely strange reaction to the book, isn't it?
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the only earth?

who's counting?

Sure Schwarzenegger won, but the real fun will be seeing how the other 134 candidates fared in part two of the recall ballot. Watch the numbers roll in at the New York Times! Right now it looks like Gary Coleman got more votes than Gallagher and Larry Flynt had more support than Mary Cook.

Perhaps California's budget crisis can be solved through strategic endorsement deals?