September 29th, 2003

the only earth?


I can't believe how little I did today. Brunch at Louisa's, watching Rushmore, reading the newspaper at solstice, videogame playing, walking down the street for food. Plans for hide-and-seek in BunnyLand were cancelled on account of tiredness and headache among key participants. Rescheduling is uncertain.

Even with the laziness, I am still tired. I'm taking one class this quarter. It starts tomorrow.
the only earth?


Evidently, September 30 is tomorrow. Not today.

So after taking what felt like a school bus to campus (44 from Ballard -> UW), I realize that my class is Tuesday/Thursday, not Monday/Wednesday.

Oh well. It's a lovely day to be at the Fisheries Teaching and Research Building, where all the doors have portholes.


This track from the Lost in Translation soundtrack deserves to be included on your "How The World Should Sound All The Time (or at least Some of The Time)" compilation album:

[ Death In Vegas - Girls ]


The other day at Sonic Boom, Ben Lashes was working and playing the new Lashes CD. It seemed kind of funny, but the album sounded good.