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September 25th, 2003



Work, meetings, etc. I finished a draft of an abstract for a spring conference in San Francisco and made revisions to a proposal and ran a meeting and typed the minutes.

I've been trying to read books on the bus instead of magazines. So far, The Fortress of Solitude is really good. I've only read a few chapters.

Going away party for Paula and Elya at the Alibi room. Lots of people were there that I only see in the context of Paula events, so it's kind of strange to think about the future of seeing them or not. This is the problem of not being a social director type of person.

Expensive drinks + fatty foods from Dick's = I'm tired. I'll check out the tape of West Wing tomorrow.
the only earth?

old news

Rob Walker writes, "File sharing is the pot smoking of today's youth."
the only earth?

this just in

maybe someday I'll be creative and link to something not in salon, slate or the new york times, but for now,

late breaking news: U.S. Income Gap Widening.

Read it. There will be a quiz.