September 23rd, 2003

the only earth?


at work, I ate a bagel, stared at the windowless walls, made some revisions, completed phase one of my zen project to put all of my papers into an EndNote library, and started to write an abstract.

after work, I spontaneously called Carole to see if she and her brother wanted to go to Elliott Bay to hear Jonathan Lethem read from his new book, The Fortress of Solitude. They did, and happened to be downtown; so we met up and made our way to Pioneer square.

I haven't read much by Lethem -- only the McSweeney's pieces -- but the book has been getting nothing but good publicity and it had been a while since I'd been to a reading. Plus -- it was a Stranger Suggests!

We stood in line, without tickets, and were able to get a set of seats relatively close to the stage. He read a chapter about summer in Vermont that made me really glad that I bought the book on the way into the store. Even though my stack of unread books continues to grow (the temptations of the remainders table!), I think that this book is now on the top. [ you can read a chapter here ]

After the reading, and waiting in line for a signature, we had Italian food. I caught the bus back to the house and arrived in time for a few rounds of Taboo. Our team, The Rage, lost by a narrow margin to the Buzzers. I think I'll blame our narrow defeat on Al's sneezing.
the only earth?

more fringe

After another fun day at work (fun with MS Access!) I saw two fringe festival shows and returned to 611 Supreme for dinner.

Kate, Rachel, and I met at the Hugo House to see Approach. It was all around mediocre.

After dinner, Kate was committed to work; so Rachel and I soldiered on to see Kazoo! Bible. After two uninspiring shows, I was beginning to think that the entire festival would suck, but this show show was really good. Twenty-five funny sketches from the bible with good writing, strong acting, and funny songs all in less than an hour and half = good time for audiences of all ages!