September 21st, 2003

the only earth?

major activities

morning: Brunch at Louisa's. Al, Malinda, Geoff and I arrived late. Poor Chris should just set her watch twenty minutes behind. Did I eat eggs with apples (and walnuts, onions, and blue cheese)? Yes. Were any rders were placed in the name of Schmul? I don't think so.

afternoon: Perfect weather for canoeing on Lake Union. Jon, Rachel, and I shared a canoe. Though we had occasional steering problems, having three people afforded us a speed advantage over Carole & her brother John's boat. We paddled under the highway a few times (which was eerily quiet), around the Arboretum (very shallow and muddy), through lily pads (slow), and along the shores to look at the houses (expensive). I didn't get a sunburn and we never tipped the canoe; so I consider the adventure successful.

mid-afternoon: After our intense afternoon, everyone else was hungry so we went to Cedar's for nourishment. Even though I'd eaten: I played along and stuffed myself with delicious Indian foods.

evening: I went to the Fringe festival. We saw Deli! The Musical, a musical about life in a deli. This sounds like it has the potential to be funny. Even when the main character has ambitions of being a professional singer, a sliver of hope for humor remains. Instead, the plot dwells on her attempts to overcome body issues and her coworker's struggles with his partner's AIDS. They few funny parts don't win. It wasn't painfully bad, just not very good. It was only ninety minutes.