September 16th, 2003

the only earth?


I never received my absentee ballot and I'm finding it impossible to locate a polling place. It seems like there would be a list online, but all I can find is a note that locations will be listed in a major newspaper last Friday. Yet I must find a way to vote against the espresso tax!

update: call (206) 296-1565 for election information! A nice person will tell you where to vote.
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the only earth?

recommended reading

If all of my backdated posts about NYC weren't enough fun for you, be sure to check out jenna_marie for a concise rundown and rhiannonwc, who did an incredible job of remembering all of the funny little moments and found links for details that I completely forgot.
the only earth?

the rest of the day

This morning, I ate horrible foods for breakfast (damn Winchell's), went to the research integrity lecture series (a series of anecdotes and advice about publication), and picked up my mail at the CHRU. My Master's thesis is being published and the proofs arrived while I was out of town. I guess I'll use this afternoon as the start of forty-eight hour clock for returning the proofs. I don't think that ugly fonts are a legitimate complaint.

My polling place was Terry Hall, so it was an easy bus ride back to campus to vote (thanks Stranger voter guide!). There were only a few people there, which wasn't especially surprising since school hasn't started and so many people vote absentee.

For evening entertainment, Kate and I had dinner at Cyber Dogs, a gourmet vegetarian hot dog restaurant. It's a really cool, hidden away place near the convention center with very creative hot dogs that require a fork and knife. The owner was really friendly, willing to offer advice on meal selection. The hot dogs are almost beside the point.

After dinner, we saw Lost In Translation, the new Sofia Coppola movie. It was really quiet and floaty and at first it seems like nothing is happening or even going to happen. But Scarlett Johannsen is excellent and Bill Murray is seeming more and more like a national (melancholic) treasure so you keep watching, kind of enchanted. The movie keeps getting better and better with the beautifully photographed scenes of Japan and the accumulating episodes that develop between the characters. I think I'll like it more later.
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By the way, it was cool and raining on and off today and I'm certain that the Seattle rain is about a thousand times better than the NYC rain. The autumn weather here is getting fantastic.