September 15th, 2003

the end of the tour

the end of the tour
thank goodness this was the shortest day. I'm sick of typing

The day started with a determination to conquer a tourist milestone -- the Empire State Building. We were undeterred by the prospect of zero visibility and forged ahead into the city, taking our near final walks past the Carroll Gardens 99 cent up less to the top of the tallest subway stop in the NYC subway system. All of this added context!

As we arrived at the ticket booth, rejecting the audio and movie tours, the attendants removed the "ZERO VISIBILITY" signs. At the observation deck, we were able to see many buildings and approaching rain clouds. Then we were able to stand inside the rain clouds while the slower tourists entered the gift shop. The rain was sporadic and eventually we were able to circle the entire perimeter of the deck without getting completely soaked.

The final stop in the city was lunch with Aaron and Ellen at Patsy's Pizzaria. According to the menu, someone named Patsy perfected the authentic old world New York Style pizza sometime in the past. Lunch was good, we said our goodbyes to the official city dwellers and returned to the apartment to wait for cars, pack suitcases, and head to the subway.


What we didn't do: Fashion Week

Advice for leaving NYC via JFK: Avoid the Delta terminal. It's weird.

Biggest packing mistake: including a medium weight jacket in favor of my perfect tiny flat umbrella.
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the only earth?

trains, plane, automobile

Hi - I'm back in Seattle!

I feel like I've been in transit forever, but I realize that it wasn't especially long. I had planned to take the bus home to make it some kind of public transit success story, but succumbed to the temptation of a taxi.

I started recapping the big vacation on the plane; so look for a full illustrated commentary coming soon. For now, I'm pretty thrilled to be sleeping in a real bed instead of a modified sectional couch knowing that there will be zero alarms in the morning.
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    The Decemberists - Song For Myla Goldberg