September 14th, 2003

the post about sunday

the post about sunday
or bit

why am I still awake?

Jennifer, Rhiannon, and I cut the usual pretend resting short so that we could get an early start to the day of tourist fun. We learned an important lesson about identifying express stops, and eventually arrived in the vicinity of Central Park to eat blueberry pancakes at the world famous West Side Restaurant.

After breakfast, we strolled through the northern part of the park. The Race for the Cure was concluding as we entered; so we were able to oversee the racers being led in a rally by a "large and proud" man who instructed them to "blame it on the boogie".

Soon, the clouds cleared and the park seemed almost tropical as we finished our walk.

With Jennifer on her way to Penn Station, Rhiannon and I returned to Times Square to line up for discount tickets at TKTS. After consulting the board and the brunchers in Brooklyn, we decided to skip the line and buy tickets for Avenue Q, a musical about disgruntled puppets. It is not recommended for children under age 12 and has not been approved by Jim Henson or the Children's Television Workshop.

Tickets in hand, we met Jenna and Aaron in Greenwich Village and walked to the newly renovated Christopher Street Pier. After the sitting in the sun with the gays, we helped Aaron shop. Not at the numerous sex shops, but at the Banana Republic.

Following a brief return to the apartment, we had dinner at "the best Mexican in the city", a.k.a. Arriba! Arriba!, which is a few blocks north of where it was supposed to be. The extra bit of walking did not kill us: we had plenty of time to eat, drink, and be merry before getting to the theater where the show wasn't close to sold out. So far from sold out that those of us in the nosebleed seats were able to occupy empty seats before the curtain. I'm sure this is due to the Sunday night aspect of the show and not its theatrical quality. It was very well done and funny and there were people onstage with puppets playing multiple parts. It was very appropriate for the quarter-century(+) crisis theme of these annual excursions.

After the show, more rain, a subway trip to Cafe Rafael___, where we had lovely desserts and incredibly slow service. People outside the window by our table were very much in love.
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