September 9th, 2003

the only earth?


A few people mentioned the minority theme of last week's Dean meetup. Today at, Farhad Manjoo writes about the effort to reach offline for more followers:
. . . what's remarkable about Dean's grass-roots organizers is that many already seem to realize that it's time to do something about minority outreach; the connected hive of Dean supporters, held together by blogs and hundreds of Yahoo groups, is, in a sense, self-aware, and capable of reacting to the shifting winds of a political campaign. [salon]

Also mentioned: the appropriation of Apple's "Switch" ad campaign by the Dean Media Team and efforts to move the meetups from "cute white middle-class cafes" to minority neighborhoods or retirement homes.

How this will influence Aaron's plans to use meetups to hang out with hotties [ 601am ] remains unknown.
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the only earth?


I'm supposed to be finishing a proposal that I'd like to have written before I go to NYC later this week, but instead I'm looking at the internet and looking out the window and looking for duplicate songs on my iPod. I'm being distracted when it sounds like a bird just flew into the 13th floor window outside my office. I'm relieved to find that it's just the window washing crew. And now the guy who's washing the window just rode his platform up to the next floor.

On top of that, two fakesters have just requested that I be their friendster. Hello Clark Kent from Ireland! Hello Dukey Flyswatter from Yahoo!! I'm still not sure what to do about your requests. Please advise.

Also to-do: buy new ReadyMade and new album from the Decemberists [ Her Majesty is an 8.2 on the Pitchfork scale ]
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the only earth?

(no subject)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer presents a pdf guide to the 10¢ latte tax.

It isn't particularly analytical about the pros and cons (comments from online forum), but does provide some interesting statistics about the demographics of coffee drinkers, the cost breakdown of a cup of cappucino, and various estimates of the tax revenue.
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the only earth?

part 2

when I was done working, I stopped at Urban Outfitters to pick up a book for Kate's birthday and caught the #3 bus to Mesob, the Ethiopian restaurant. Why don't Ethiopian places here serve their food on the big wicker basket thingies? I think that's how they did it in Adams-Morgan. Whatever. The food was good.

After dinner, we went to Big Picture to see The Secret Lives of Dentists . I'm not sure that it was the type of movie that's intended to be liked. I think that it was good in a sort of masochistic way. It reminded me of the story in the NYT Magazine this weekend about affective forecasting [link]. The film certainly isn't a sales pitch for marriage and children.

For some reason, tickets were 2-for-1; so it was worth the $4.25. I really think that the BIg Picture is an interesting venue -- it's a smoke-free bar with several living rooms that happens to have a small theater inside. Seems like it would be perfect for hanging out after seeing a movie, but I think that everyone was too traumatized to stay and chat.