September 3rd, 2003

the only earth?

the big weekend in review / worst post ever

I didn't really have time to update my livejournal since I spent the past four days hanging out with my sister and fellow bumbershoot and radiohead attendees. It seems like we were standing up or walking for most of her visit! my feet are a little sore, but it was a really fun long weekend. Even on the less musically interesting middle days, the festival was still impressive.

At this point, i don't really have the energy to post (and you probably don't have the interest to read) lengthy details.
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Anyway, I'll try to edit this later. We took way too many pictures. When I get a chance to be selective, I'll post them.
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the only earth?

not on vacation

I tried to take the rental car back this morning, but it turns out that I had an extra day. Maybe I'll think of some use for it tomorrow morning, but I spent most of the day at the office working on a paper.

At the end of the day, I had to go to campus for a GPSS meeting. After that, I read the stranger at solstice, came home to play video games, and worked until my computer started to make weird noises due to the excessive upstairs heat.
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