August 25th, 2003

the only earth?

____ for america

I dropped stuff off at the house and caught a bus downtown to meet Carole for the Howard Dean Sleepless Summer stop in Seattle. Though there was some confusion about getting into the event and a few too many preliminary speakers, it was well worth attending.

The best pre-Dean speaker was Hubert G. Locke, former dean of the Evans school, who referred to the Attorney General as "that psalm-singing fascist". [Hubert for America!] The others were smooth jazz musicians, hippie singers, local democrats who gave a civics lesson about the importance of February 7 (when the state has precinct caucuses), and volunteers who shared their personal testimonies.

Dean's speech was good and he seemed really impressed and excited by the turnout (the website is reporting 15,000 people). It was a campaign speech and he said everything the crowd wanted to hear -- Bush lies and caters to the rich and Dean can repair the damage -- which is what he needs to do to convince people that he has a shot at winning the election.

Check out the website and blog for a more accurate representation of the campaign themes.

Except for the LaRouche people [are they paid to be obnoxious?] the crowd was very supportive. One of the funniest scenes was seeing a rude LaRouche poster being swarmed by Dean signs.

On the way out, I bought a T-shirt as it seemed like an appropriate souvenir for the rock concertlike occasion.
the only earth?

the rest of the day post

After lounging around, cleaning my closet, listening to the news, I felt that getting out of the house was necessary. I went to the U-District to buy a newspaper, have a photo printed, and read on the porch at Solstice where I ran into some people who related a Georgetown encounter with an assaulted.

On the way home, I took pictures of weird / interesting things.

Went to the Dean rally

Back at home, Al (and others?) cooked Italian food to commemorate Ellen's surprise visit to Seattle. Eventually it was time for Ellen to catch the red eye back to NYC and for me to lose at progressive rummy