August 24th, 2003

the only earth?


Yesterday morning I needed to buy a tacky Pacific Northwest souvenir for Job & Carine's "Bon Voyage" party. I imagine that they'll be thrilled to tote boxes of tacky Seattle memorabilia with them to the Netherlands, but who am I to argue (from with the party theme.

This quest took me, of course, to the Public Market where I found a "Seattle Slug", a really entertaining paper toy in the shape of a slug. Powered by a rubber band driven wheel, it provides much enjoyment to all onlookers.

While I was there, I felt that it would be inappropriate not to avoid eating junk food all day . To this end I lunched on a piroshky (from Piroshky! Piroshky!) and a pastry from Le Panier. I also (finally) bought a postcard to send to livejournal headquarters.

The rest of the afternoon included additional shopping (my sister is visiting next weekend and it seemed like a good idea to have additional bedding), laundry, watching 24-hour Party People, reading some of the new McSweeney's, and having dinner at Thai Tom.

After dinner, I went to Connor Byrne with Rachel and Jon to hear some Irish music. We also tried to play cards, but couldn't really remember any games for three people. I thought that it was possible to play Euchre with three, but the wireless web wasn't helpful. After the band's second set and our second game of war, we left to continue the junk food tradition at Denny's.