August 23rd, 2003

the only earth?

isn't it still summer?

let's see ... another day at the charts and graphs factory followed by some impulse buying downtown where I ran into Cori and talked about seersucker for a while before catching the slow-moving bus home.

After a few minutes, Kate picked me up and we went to Rachel's for an impromptu potluck grilling adventure. This required a quick trip to PCC for additional foodstuffs and peach cider. After eating our wonderful dinner it was dark and cold outside; so we went inside to look at pictures on the computer. We then discovered that Nikon's hosting service has weird features that allow you to put faces in funny scenes. This activity was far too entertaining and by the end of the evening, each dinner guest had been superimposed.

I got home to find Al on his bed recovering from too much wine. A few minutes later, surprise guests arrived. We hung out for a little bit on the front porch, talking about the width of the Amazon river and studio301 installation adventures. Then timezones caught up and it was time for bed.