August 19th, 2003

the only earth?

nightlight | incoherent

I've pretty much fallen into a routine of having something (e.g., annoying phone callers that I ignore and let the answering machine pick up and then they yell for someone who lives upstairs to pick up the phone, or the dog) wake me up early. Then I listen to NPR for a while and fall asleep again until it really seems like going to the office is the only thing to do for the next six or seven hours. All of this afternoon activity, of late, has been accompanied by iced tea.

Tonight's all star big fun entertainment started at Ruby, where the food is good and the dining area is incredibly loud for having so few people inside. They also have an old cabinet with a plate of pecan pie inside.

[ we apologize for the interruption, but taking the bus to the U-district I saw a passenger who made me understand why people need phonecams. Describing this woman's outfit (cowboy boots, mumu, tight-fitting jacket, hair piled into a tower of clear hair clips) is mostly futile. ]

After dinner, we went to see Gigantic: A tale of two Johns, the documentary about They Might Be Giants. If you've ever liked the band, or just like good documentaries, you should really rush to your local cineplex to watch it. (I think it is playing for the rest of the week in Seattle.)

There are so many good things in the movie: interviews with John & John, record execs, people associated with the band, footage of live shows, commentary from Dave Eggers and some of your favorite This American Life personalities (rather disconcerting to see Ira Glass), music video clips, actors doing dramatic lyric readings, and a mini-Ken Burns style documentary about James K. Polk!
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