August 15th, 2003

the only earth?


My days have been pretty repetitive this week. I've been going in to the CHRU to work for most of the day. This work includes a third of the time working on some papers, a third wasting time, a sixth getting stuff to eat, and another sixth reading.

Today included more wasting time, since several people were really interested in the east coast blackout.

At home, I watched the Amazing Race with all of the housemates (it was a non-elimination round) and then went out to see Buffalo Soldiers with Kate and Carole.
the only earth?


On the walk from work to the bus stop, I saw the party girl between seventh and eighth on Pike. By asking about the location of the party, I was rewarded with flash mob instructions and a noismaker. After a few minutes of transient fun at Pacific Place [ press ], I went home.

After last week's peak occupancy of eleven people, the house population has now dwindled to just two. Flash and I pretty much have the place to ourselves; so I guess I'll probably just watch a Amorres Perros.
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