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August 13th, 2003


all your indie rock are belong to us?

it should be noted that a new Nissan commercial features a Modest Mouse song.

probably along the lines of their electric moyo graffiti campaign [discussed in this ad report card ]

being yourself friendster style?

In "Attack of the smartasses", issues of online identity and the purging of fake friendster profiles are discussed. I'm going to read the rest of the article on the bus.

If you haven't already done so, sign up, or add me to your friendster (or fakester) network [bisjoshc@msu.edu], because my network of 346,000 people isn't quite overwhelming enough.

update: the article also provides a clue about how friendster plans to make money: charging $8 per month to contact people outside of your personal network.

It must be a slow news day: salon covers the fakester phenomenon and uses "friendster" appropriately.