August 9th, 2003

the only earth?


After working [downloading articles about inflammation to read later], I went over to Carole & Kate's by way of downtown [Urban Outfitters and a gelato place] for dinner. [By request of the hosts, the menu, to the best of my recollection is presented] Carole prepared poached salmon with capers and shallots, basalmic carrots, and basamati rice. Kate made a spinich, grapefruit, and jicama salad, and I brought chocolate hazelnut and berry gelato.

After dinner, we watched Touch of Evil which was unintentionally entertaining. I can tell that it is full of technical goodness [ An Ebert review is useful ], but it was really funny to hear the old dialog [reefer, mixed party, mary jane], Charlton Heston as a Mexican, fat [padded] Orson Welles, the relatively slow pacing, etc.


Also of note [1]: a bunch of my mail was finally forwarded. This stack included the new McSweeney's that might feature a typo on the spine [aspirationas] and definitely features a DVD that I haven't yet watched.

of note [2]: Donnie Darko is the midnight movie at the Egyptian tomorrow [and tonight].