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August 4th, 2003


the sunday recap

I went for breakfast with Jon and Al. After a little confusion, we found the Blue Star Cafe for Eggs Cetera. My eggs included cactus! Aside from the quality of the food, the restaurant staff features a weird assembly of people that could certainly carry a crappy tuesday evening sitcom.

After breakfast, Al picked up a stray cat and lifted it up in the air because that's really the only way to look at a cat's face. Then, back at home, he fit himself into a free cage on the sidewalk. We played darts upstairs and after a while it became apparent that the dog needed a bath. A post-bath dog is pretty entertaining.

The rest of the afternoon was consumed by video games and a nap. We tried to see Hella at the Vera Project, but the show was sold out and the guys from the band couldn't get all of us on a list.

So we went back home for more games, and a walk to Dick's that reminded us of the potential for cool weather. On the way back to the house, Al got inside the free cage again, and now it's in the living room.


I did a few small things today: taking the dog for a walk, going to the bank, picking up stuff at the drugstore, putting some iPhoto prints in frames, etc.

Our softball team ended the season by having a mercy rule invoked on us. It was a pretty miserable game, but I think that the referee was just excited to go home early.