July 30th, 2003

the only earth?

hot hot heat

The insanely hot weather over the past couple of days has made going to the office extremely attractive. Heat avoidance almost equals getting stuff done. Not bad.

After work yesterday I met Rachel and Kate at Madison Beach for a bring your own picnic. On the way to the bus I stopped at Bimbo's for a burrito dinner. Mat Brooke from Carissa's Wierd was working / reading a newspaper while I was waiting for my food. Ah. Local celebs . . . I am such a dork for being excited by sightings.

The beach was packed with a infinitely watchable crowd. When the lifeguards "closed" the swimming area, everyone left the water for five minutes and then re-entered unsupervised. It was sort of amazing that chaos didn't [doesn't?] break out on the diving platform.

Also kind of amazing: the socioeconomic gradient described by Madison Street.


Tonight after working, I stepped from the air conditioning into the early evening heat and was inspired to escape via a movie. The only thing playing at that time was Terminator 3; so I walked over to the cineplex watched it while drinking a white cherry ICEE. It was a pretty entertaining escapist summer movie.