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July 22nd, 2003



History was made tonight as our softball team earned its first victory on IMA field #1. Coming back from a ffirst inning in the field in which the other team scored seven runs, we finished the game 13-12, ending with the bases loaded and no outs.

A post-game smoothie and two excedrins later (the consequence of staring into the sun?), I met Carole and Kate at the Guild on 45th for Spellbound. It might be the best movie of the summer, though it's really hard to compare with something like 28 Days Later. It is definitely the feel good movie of the year. If you get a chance, you should see it.


I spent most of my time at the office downloading articles for later reading. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science is always good for completely random reading.
the only earth?

pure evil?

Fresh out of subcommittee, a new congressional transportation appropriations bill will entirely eliminate some $600 million worth of annual federal funding for bike paths, walkways and other such transportation niceties in fiscal year 2004.

I guess it's only a subcommittee . . . [my version of optimism in 2003]