July 15th, 2003

the only earth?

every other day

monday: after a short afternoon at work, I went home to meet with a potential new roommate. by the time I arrived, they'd canceled. it just gave me extra time to prepare for intramural softball. in this case, the most crushing defeat in team history. we were short of female players; so we recruited extra people from the people who used the field before us. On top of the general agony of defeat, we lost to another team from our school.

After the game, a few of us went to Varlamos for football size calzones, and mostly spent the time interviewing Job about his interesting job history.

Later, I met Al, Ellen, Jon, and Aaron at Garage for bowling and drinks. (a.k.a. Ellen's Going Away Party Part II). I lost the first game with the penalty of buying a round. I was able to avoid a second loss, and the lanes were probably the nicest I've ever encountered.


I skipped work today to accompany Ellen on some errands: we transported a fish, dropped off items, had coffee, and visited Amber and the twinfants (whose miniature cuteness has not been exaggerated).

The big fun tuesday night social activity was sitting on the deck at George & Dragon for trivia. This was nice when the sun was out, but once the questions started to slow and the dark fell, it was less comfortable.