July 13th, 2003

the only earth?


On Saturday: took the dog for a walk to gasworks park and back past Dick's. I didn't realize that this trip was a bit outside basset hound range; so when we got back Flash was exceptionally exhausted.

Mid-evening entertainment included a visit to Plinth II, John's art show. Aside from enjoying the art, snacks, and drinks, I somehow befriended an older woman who was completely fascinated with the bathroom. She kept coming up to me to ask about details of the decor: the sink, the candles, etc. It started when we were pretending to enjoy the setting as an art installation.

I guess that's my punishment for being intentionally stupid in public.

After hanging around, and not really mingling with any unknowns, Carole, Elena, and I went to wander around Fremont. Only a few stores were open, but we made some purchases (CDs for me: old Four Tet and new New Pornographers).

Having exhausted the potential of the Center of the Universe, I returned home and met Ellen so that we could meet Chris and Aaron and Justin to see 28 Days Later. If anyone has told you that the movie is beautiful, amazing, intense, scary, and must-see; they are a credible source of film information. Even the very obnoxious people behind us (yelling at the screen, taking cell phone calls) did not diminish my enjoyment of the bioterror zombie apocalyptic action.

By the climax of the movie, I was so tense that curling up into a whimpering ball might have been an ideal option.


This morning we moved Ellen's boxes and furniture from upstairs to downstairs to the yard to a trailer. When the boxes left, the rest of us went to get donuts, followed by napping, tetris playing, and listening to This American Life.

The morning excitement was followed by an afternoon trip to the Capitol Hill Block Party with Carole. We visited the free part, and when nothing behind the black screens looked worthy of our $10 we decided to just look around the neighborhood and get coffee and a newspaper at Bauhaus. It's likely that the party is more fun at night, but since she had a lease to sign we left early. Walking back home, I was pretty thrilled to find this iPod case at the Mac Store.

Later, I discovered that it's possible to emulate a super nintendo on my iBook to allow me to spend the evening obsessing over tetris attack1 while the others were watching dateline and law and order.

(1) Introduced at Friday's going away (/ birthdays) party.