July 11th, 2003

the only earth?

thrilling tales

Yesterday I didn't feel like going downtown; so I stayed home and did some light housework. Flash is a prodigious shedder and producer of dog hair. Later, I went to the U-DIstrict to get a haircut, drop off my refund at the bookstore, and buy some magazines (The Believer and ReadyMade for those of you keeping score).

When I got back, I watched The Fellowship of the Rings with Al. I realized that I missed (or had forgotten) numerous plot details. I'm a little sad that the second movie isn't still playing somewhere in the area. The DVD-viewing was interrupted for a brief visit to Al's neighborhood tavern where pitchers of Rainer were consumed.


Today I mostly went to the office to work and havesome meetings about ongoing and upcoming projects. Later: Ellen's big send-off.