June 24th, 2003


just for fun

So it seems like my body thought that getting another cold would be a splendid idea. The immune system likes to train. Practice makes perfect, etc. To help it out, I tried to buy my way out with some high-tech medications: abreva, lozenges, zicam (a weird homeopathic nasal swab cold remedy).

At the adjacent register in the drugstore: a woman approached the counter carrying a ziploc bag with pieces of two of her teeth. She asked the cashier where to find super glue. When he told her that she should probably go to the dentist she nodded and then started to laugh.

After working, I had take-out sushi at Rachel's with the regular Tuesday crowd. After Rachel left for her rehearsal, we went to the tea house, talked for a while, and then watched Carole eat some ice cream next door.
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