June 16th, 2003

the only earth?

nothing happened

I never found the missing SIFF tickets, so I went early to get a ticket for Winged Migration on Sunday (I'd already planned to go with Kate and didn't want to leave her stranded). It was sold out, but while I was in line a nice lady gave me one of her extra tickets to The Event, which was also sold out.

The Event was moderately good. Several good scenes and an interesting topic (assisted suicide party) that didn't exactly come together. Maybe it was the flashback structure that didn't really allow Parker Posey's character to seem believable to me? Oh well. Probably my least favorite of my SIFFs, and it wasn't even all that bad.

I waited in a relatively short line for rush tickets for Winged Migration, and ended up buying one off of a passing stranger. There was some really amazing camerawork in this movie resulting in lots and lots and lots of birds and pretty much all of the planet. Maybe a few too many (occasionally loud) birds [maybe I just shouldn't watch two in a row?]. The occasional narration by a French guy was kind of funny. Overall, it was really beautiful and worth watching if you like birds or nature or pretty pictures.

Even though I wasted a little bit of money by losing tickets, I enjoyed packing a bunch of movies into a few days for the festival experience.

I really didn't do anything today. A little more packing, but not much.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the dentist to have a cavity filled!
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