June 10th, 2003

the only earth?

daily dose

I spent the day running errands, putting together a package for Father's day, studying, buying CDs, listening to (& cutting into tracks) the KEXP show featuring Ben Gibbard that evan posted this weekend.

Elena's birthday dinner was tonight at Cedars. As usual, the food was excellent and the company was very good too. Some people were concerned that I didn't take any pictures (to document the spontaneous synchronization of my and Carole's clothing color scheme), but I wondered how interesting pictures of people eating could be.

Throughout the dinner, we discussed "The U-District's Nan Nazi" and tried to think of ways to secretly pass tips to the waitstaff. In the end, we decided that our efforts toward gratuity equity wouldn't be worth banishment from the restaurant.


while extending my AppleCare, I noticed that the University is selling its remaining old 20 gb iPods for $278 (cash or check).

Home V: the EP from Post-Parlo featuring Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenny.
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    Ben Gibbard - You Remind Me of Home
the only earth?

no deja vu

I was feeling guilty for not seeing any SIFF movies, so I went to the box office and bought a student 5-pack for $30. In case you need a list of potential film picks (or want to join me), here are SIFF screenings that I'm going to see later this week:
Thursday (7:00 pm) Elina
Friday (6:30) In This World
Saturday (Midnight) Chow Yun Fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl
Sunday (4:00) Winged Migration
Sunday (9:30) The Embalmer

I wanted to see The Event, [Saturday at 6:30] but there are only rush tickets available.