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June 8th, 2003


our long meteorological nightmare is finally over?

It was really hot yesterday and my apartment is not very good at heat exchange; so I mostly didn't do much of anything except reading, watching movies on TV, and eating blueberry sorbet to stay cool.

Toward the end of the day, I walked over to Carole & Paula's for a birthday gathering. It was a pretty typical C & P party: coordinated drinks, clothing and furniture, certain regular guests, question-asking games, retreats to the deck.


Today I went to the Seattle Aquarium with Kate and Elena. It was kind of fun to be tourists, checking out interesting marine life. I think that everyone's favorites were the octopus and the sea dragons. We also learned about salmon farming -- how the salmon return to the aquarium each year to be bonked on the head so that their eggs can be removed to create the next generation -- and watched some mammals (otters and seals) fighting and swimming (respectively) in their habitats.

[ pictures ]

After a few hours of fish gazing, we had a quick picnic on the dock. Elena ate fish, and I had an ice cream sundae in a waffle cone for lunch. Now I guess I'll try to be a good student and study for my exam next week.