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June 5th, 2003


hot hot heat

After going to classes (yay end of spring quarter!) and scurrying to finish homework instead of eating lunch, I entertained myself by:

- helping Rachel devise a color scheme for her poster. Is there anything more fun than going over the tiniest excruciating details of color, font, and arrangement with PowerPoint? I think we all know the answer to that question.

- going home and watching the MTV Movie Awards. Screw the beautiful (oppressively hot) weather! Watch something that MTV will probably repeat a thousand or so times in the next year! Animated Yoda being stupid, check. Animated Gollum bitching out MTV, check.

- finally deciding to try to work. Going to Solstice, ignoring the live music in favor of a suggested Radiohead playlist while I tried to understand a lot of variables. My progress on this project (about elderly people starting and stopping antihypertensive medications) has been embarrassingly slow.

- writing a completely incoherent livejournal post.

Also of note:

- I don't think that I ate any food today that was even mildly healthful (maybe the soy in the mocha that's left me incredibly jittery).
- I did the seven steps to good dental hygiene this afternoon - no bleeding!
- My iBook keeps overheating. I wonder if it's the weather?
- I put some pictures of our little trip to Mt. Rainier online for other family members, but you can look at them too. If you're interested in that sort of thing. [ pictures ]
- Yesterday, there was a frisbee-sized circle of bees in the courtyard. I think someone killed them this morning.
- On Wednesday, the grass at Gasworks was fantastically green and perfect. You should definitely go before it dries out and gets invaded by weeds.