June 1st, 2003

the only earth?


Friday: A family fun drive to Mt. Rainier, where we stopped to look at scenic views, had lunch at the inn in Paradise. We returned to the city, had Pagliacci's, then Sarah & I went to see Carissa's Wierd at the Crocodile where we met Ellen & Ben and bought matching T-shirts. As usual, Carissa's Wierd were incredible; I didn't really like Hypatia Lake, and the Terror Sheets were pretty good.

Saturday: For one last family activity, we met for breakfast, then for bubble tea before sending them off to the airport. I watched Comedian, and skipped our department party to go to Amber's white and off-white baby shower. It was excellent, a bit of a cult appearance mixed with heaven? Using only sight & smell, I was runner-up in a contest to identify unlabeled baby foods.

After a quick nap, it was off to Jade Pagoda. The weather permitted patio seating, and we had the strangest waiter ever. He took our credit cards before taking our order, brought the food and drinks in an unspecified order, and was just very flustered because he was taking care of the whole restaurant.

On the way out, we were disappointed to learn that the unnamed bar across the street is really part of another restaurant.
the only earth?

nothing happened

This afternoon, I woke up from a nap, dreaming about trying to find jelly beans. That's the extent of the excitement of today.

None of the SIFF offerings for tonight look great; so I'm going to see L'Auberge Espagnole at the Metro at 7:00.

Just in case you needed a last minute plan.


p.s. the movie is about a French student named Xavier who goes to study in another country where he lives in a sort-of cooperative housing situation and occasionally writes love letters to his girlfriend.