May 16th, 2003

the only earth?


Two learning experiences:

Radar magazine is a great exercise machine accessory. A few smart articles (about Howard Dean, Human Shields) to balance the rest of the very flaky content (bitchiest celebrities, noelle bush, reality tv refugees, etc).

Post techfee meeting, I saw Collapse ) and thought I should be outside reading. Except that it was raining enough to be annoying. Stupid sneaky weather.

Now it's off to the softball playoffs and then Down With Love.
the only earth?

sports page

In what turned out to be our final softball game of the quarter, play was temporarily suspended to allow an overweight beaver to pass the field. Had I not been waiting at second base, I might have taken the opportunity to retrieve my camera to photograph the momentous occasion.

This delay, which allowed numerous people to approach the animal, did not cause our game to last until the real rain arrived. That happened a few minutes later, while I was biking home.

If we could've dropped our worst inning from every game, we would've had an excellent season.
the only earth?

image management

sorry. I'm in a linky mood right now, but I found this article from the New York Times about the effort that goes into managing George W. Bush's televised image remarkable:

George W. Bush's "Top Gun" landing on the deck of the carrier Abraham Lincoln will be remembered as one of the most audacious moments of presidential theater in American history. But it was only the latest example of how the Bush administration, going far beyond the foundations in stagecraft set by the Reagan White House, is using the powers of television and technology to promote a presidency like never before.
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