May 3rd, 2003



Instead of going to the office in the morning, I stayed home and worked so that I could just go to the techfee meeting without unnecessary bussing. After the meeting, I went downtown anyway just to pick up my copy of the New Yorker.

Then it was off to our fourth softball loss to the biostatistics department. It was strangely cold outside, but Mt. Rainer was hovering in the horizon for the whole game. After the game, we went to the Ram. I wasn't hungry, so I shared some cheese fries, which were basically a saturated fat delivery system: fries + cheese + ranch dressing. Nutritional value taken care of by added scallion component.

I went home, picked up some beverages, and headed off to studio301 headquarters for the "go away keith & emmi" party. I almost didn't recognize the house from the street due to the sexy lighting design. Inside, the house and the hosts were dressed-up and looking amazing. The party was fun: mostly mellow with occasional speculation about the Portishead makeout room, eurodancing and gymnastics when appropriate, and suddenly it was 3 am.


no specific plans for the rest of the weekend. maybe gina's party?
Also, I'm sort of excited to see X2.
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